International Delegation Visit to FIU Request Form

International Delegation Visit to FIU Request Form

Thank you for your interest in visiting Florida International University – the leader in international education. For a glimpse at our vast global footprint, please visit [link to].

As our middle name conveys, international is who and what we are. We seek open dialogue with education leaders across the globe. Delegation visits to FIU campuses allow for the interpersonal exchange and a broader exploration of innovative approaches which are critical to the formation of strategic global partnerships. As such, the FIU Global team welcomes guests from across the globe and strives to accommodate requests for productive visits by international delegations.

Please note that we can only accommodate requests submitted four (4) weeks prior to the actual visit via the form below. Please provide all information marked as required in the form so that we can create an agenda that serves your and our needs.

Should your delegation need an interpreter, please make arrangements to bring your own and include his/her information on the list of delegates.

We will respond to your request to visit FIU within three (3) business days or less. For any additional questions, please contact FIU Global at 305-348-8267 or